About the Master of Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Decades of Experience, And Now Even More Accessible
Georgia College has offered a nationally recognized Master of Logistics and Supply Chain Management program for 40 years, preparing thousands of students for success in their chosen careers and professions. Now, that experience and expertise is available to you, online and at your convenience. U.S. News has recognized Georgia College’s online Master of Logistics and Supply Chain Management as one of the best programs available.

About Logistics and SCM

The world wants things now. Due to globalization and increasing public demand, companies everywhere are working to get the right information, materials, and products to consumers faster. Businesses handle this daunting task by placing the reigns of operations in the hands of professionals in the logistics and supply chain management field. It’s their job to make sure that goods and ideas are moving efficiently, and in a cost-effective manner.

The opportunities for those with a Master of Logistics and Supply Chain Management degree from Georgia College are unending. Logistics professionals are highly sought after in the retail and service industries, as well as the government and public agency sectors. In the next few years, the United State Department of Labor has estimated that the U.S. will need a million qualified logistics workers of which there will be an 800,000-person shortage. On top of that, professionals with a Masters-level Logistics degree can expect to see almost a 17 percent increase in salary over an individual with a bachelor’s degree. It literally pays to pursue the online Logistics degree at Georgia College.

The Right Program

As home to the state’s oldest Logistics program, we take pride in giving you the quality education you deserve. Georgia College’s online Master of Logistics and Supply Chain Management program has been recognized by U.S. News as a best online program and takes over 40 years of excellence and experience from a nationally top-ranked program and makes it available to you through the convenience of the Internet.

The program also benefits from being headquartered in Georgia. The state has grown to be the home of a $15 billion dollar logistics industry thanks to its convenient access to superior air, rail, sea, and shipping assets, all of which are invaluable resources when it comes to networking with professionals within the field.

In the world of logistics and supply chain management, time is exceedingly valuable. That’s why we’ve developed our online Logistics degree with the on-the-go professional in mind. The 30-hour program is streamlined for rapid completion, and thoroughly specialized and exhaustive. This means you can hone your skills anywhere and at any time in several specialty areas within the field, including international trade, commercial law, and strategy—just to name a few. Whether you’re logging on from the comfort of your living room or your favorite neighborhood coffee shop, your courses are always with you.

The Right People

The online Logistics program, directed by Dr. Karl B. Manrodt, is comprised of some of the most brilliant and engaging minds in the logistics and supply chain management field. Our professors have taught and lectured worldwide, in addition to authoring books, nationally published articles, and hundreds of reports on subjects within the discipline. With the guidance and teachings of these professionals throughout your online courses, you’ll be prepared for this competitive, high-growth job market.

Important Dates for MLSCM

  • Application Deadline: July 1
  • Orientation in Milledgeville: August 18 & 19
  • Courses Start: August 21